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Join thousands of individuals and organizations around the world in celebrating and promoting zero waste projects.

Join us in going zero waste for the second annual International Day of Zero Waste on March 30th. It’s a fun, easy, and free way to lessen your environmental impact! By signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive helpful resources on how to prepare, tips during your zero waste day, and ways to get involved in the global movement for systemic change.

Pursuing zero waste is one of the best things we can do to help ensure a livable future on this planet. Not only does less trash mean less plastic in the ocean, but the less we throw away, the less we need to extract in the first place! And extraction sits at the root of today’s environmental crisis.

This is a beginner friendly challenge, so we encourage you to invite a friend, family member or neighbor to do zero waste with you! One of the most powerful aspects of the zero waste movement is the ripple effect, and the more people that are striving towards zero waste, the more momentum we build for systemic change.

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  • Ways to get involved in the global movement for systemic change

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Frequently asked questions

At the end of the week you’ll be able to see very clearly what kinds of waste you personally tend to create. Awareness is half the battle! After your trash audit this week, you’ll be fully equipped to reduce the waste you generate moving forward.

We generally say to use up perishable food and keep any associated waste. Anything you already have that won’t go bad, try to go without!

Our focus with this challenge on the “upstream” waste that is produced even before stuff gets to you. Unfortunately, even recyclable items still produce a lot of upstream waste, so for this week our “3 R’s” are to try to reduce, reuse, and rot (rather than recycle).

While pet waste is important to consider, you don’t need to keep your pet-related waste for this week. But take this opportunity to start thinking about ways you could work towards having a zero waste pet!

That’s ok! Do the best you can, and you might be surprised what they pick up on after the week.

Any waste you produce as part of your job doesn’t count for the purposes of this challenge.

Continue taking any medication you need to feel your best, and don’t worry about the trash.

Going zero waste is going to be a little hard, because most of our systems are built for disposability! But not to worry: there is no “failing”. Even if all you do is collect a week’s worth of trash and recycling, you’ll have learned a lot and you’ll have tools to make more sustainable choices going forward.

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